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Cultivated, studied and contemplated for centuries, the bonsai tree has become emblematic of a special symbiosis between man and nature. Through the careful practice of zen techniques, a certain degree of refinement is conferred upon both the tree and the master. Please enjoy the bonsai trees shown below. Each has evolved organically, and are indicative of varied styles of cultivation, from the informal upright "Moyogi" to the semi-cascade "Han Kengai". Just as the studied hand of the bonsai master guides the growth of his charges, so does the practiced hand of the printmaker create his images.

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Juniper Bonsai (horizontal)
Matted: 19" x 22"   $150.00  
Framed: 19" x 22"   $210.00  
Matted: 16 x 20   $155.00  
Framed: 16" x 20"   $210.00  
Matted: 14" x 18"   $95.00  
Framed: 14" x 18"   $150.00  
Orchids (OUT OF PRINT)
Matted: 16" x 20"   $155.00  
Framed: 16" x 20"   $210.00  
Original ( hand-pulled) water-colored etching.
Matted: 14" x 18"   $95.00  
Framed: 14"x 18"   $150.00  
Original etching printed on Sepia paper, then watercolored.
Matted: 14" x 18"   $95.00  
Framed: 14" x 18"   $150.00  
Original etching
Matted: 14"x18"   $95.00  
Framed: 14"x18"   $150.00  
Original etching
Sun Bonsai (Tan) OUT OF PRINT
Matted: 11 x 14   $60.00  
Framed: 11 x 14   $90.00  
Original Etching
Night Flower
Matted: 14" x 18"   $95.00  
Framed: 14" x 18" (offset mat)   $150.00  
Original (hand-pulled) Sepia etching. Matted (OFF-SET) in a Black top mat and a gold metallic cuff. Great design! "The night flower is a blossom from one of our Asian pear tree, in our yard".

29 images found.Previous 1 2 3 | Next
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